AutoParq helps drivers to find parking that suits their needs and wants. It is designed to fulfill a simple and pressing need of the modern driver:

Where do you get parking space in a city like this?

Find nearby parking areas from your current location, search a parking location from major cities, book a parking slot, park and enjoy!

How it works


Where will you go? Discover parking in Metro Manila, find their location, compare rates, direct you to the site, and learn more about a parking area.


Don’t want to lose a client nor a potential sale? Don’t want to miss a month-long-planned romantic date? Book a parking slot, let us block it for you and pay for it cashless.


Are you already there? Enter the parking area, park and go, hassle-free!

Why Autoparq

Find parking areas from your current location and in your destination.

Booking beforehand eliminates long queues to parking area. AutoParq provides easy access to get in the premises, converting congested roads to a free-flowing driving space.

One less vehicle circling around to find a parking space decreases pollutants brought by gas and engine.

Be our strategic partner

Advertise your parking area as a premiere and a digitally-updated facility suited for the modern age. Expand your reach and maximize your revenue and utilization. Go green!


Utilize unused spaces and convert them to profit.


Maximize revenue by offering premium services.


Be known for being modern, app-enabled, and environment-friendly parking area.


Extend your popularity among drivers and visitors.


Leverage your parking key resources.


Gain access to transactions and payment reports.

Find. Book. Park!

Team AutoParq

Team AutoParq is a startup group from Pointwest, which is comprised of Business Analysts, Test Engineers, and Software Engineers who work on different platforms. The group aims to provide solutions for common consumer pain points by conducting experiments, creating software products to address these problems, and introducing relevant and modern business models.

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